FL Association Sued over Discrimination

A Florida condo association has been sued by the Department of Justice for discrimination after being told by the management company that their six children exceeded the association’s limits on occupancy.

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Indiana Sues Condo Board Members

The State of Indiana has filed it’s first lawsuit against board members of a Condo Association. A law change in 2011 gives the State the ability to directly and easily bring actions against individual board members.

The board members allegedly paid the developer for undocumented work and attempting to profit from short sales in the building. The members are also accused of ignoring condo owners they considered “malcontents”.

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Chicago Condo Association Sued after Fall

A lawsuit has been filed over the well documented fall off a deck connected to the condo rented by White Sox player John Danks.

A friend of Danks fell from the balcony and was paralized, in the suit against Danks the owner who had rented the condo and the association are both named. The incident shows the need to require individual unit owners purchase liability insurance as well as purchase adequate limits for the association.

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Lawsuit over Dog Hits Federal Court

A Federal Court in Minneapolis is set to hear a lawsuit filed by a woman against her condo board. The woman’s medical team has advised her to get a therapy dog, the condo association has denied the woman’s eight requests to bring a dog into her high rise condo.

The issue highlights the costs and potential liability of complying with residents requests and various anti-discrimination laws.

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Hotel Condo Unit Risks

A New York Times article addresses the growing trend of condo hotels in the last 15 years.

In normal condo associations the management company is controlled by the condo owners, at many condo hotels the management company runs the hotel with the condo owners as an afterthought. This is sure to lead to many lawsuits in the years to come.

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FHA Condo Rules Changed, Liability Increased

The FHA has revised their rules for condominium developments, loosening requirements for loans. Under FHA rules the entire association must be certified for individual owners to obtain FHA loans.

The new guidelines allow up to 50% of units to be controlled by a developer, allows associations to request exceptions for large commercial units in buildings and  now allows up to 15% of owners to be delinquent on the dues for up to 60 days.

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