is the premier place to buy insurance for your condominium association. Whether you are a property manager representing a condo board, or the association itself, we have earned the highest marks from our clients.  We have obtained this status by offering Condo Associations the following top-level services:

Risk Analysis
No two associations are the same. The brokers you will work with are experts in assessing the risks you face.

Insurance Placement
All we do revolves around transferring and financing the risk your condo association faces. The primary method of accomplishing this is through purchasing insurance. We work with you to discover what insurance your firm needs and obtain multiple options for you to consider.

Claims Advocacy
In the event of a claim, we will assist you as you report the matter to the insurance company. We will also act as an advocate and liaison to the insurance company on your behalf. Having someone who is able to explain the claims process to you and able to speak the same language as the insurance company often proves invaluable.

Prompt Service
Whether it is paying your bill or producing a certificate of insurance for a unit owners mortgage servicer, we’ve built our business around efficient and personal service.