Condo Owner Claim for Exploding Body Denied

A Jupiter FL condo unit owner has had their claim for damages from the decomposing body of a neighbor denied by their insurer, State Farm.

Judy Rodrigo’s┬ádamage occurred in October 2007 when a neighbor died and liquids from the corpse leaked into her unit. Rodrigo filed a claim, State Farm offered a small settlement but denied paying the full claim.

The issue at hand was the wording of the “named perils” policy the insured purchased. Property policies are generally written one of two ways –

-“All Risk” which covers any property damage subject to specific exclusions

-“Named Peril” which only covers specifically listed events from the policy

The named peril policy at hand included coverage for “explosion”. It was unsuccessfully argued at court that the decomposing body “exploding” was a covered event.

The incident highlights the need to understand what you are buying. Not all insurance policies are written equally, condo owners should understand what terms are being restricted when purchasing cheaper policies. Contact us today to discuss coverage differences in condo association and unit owner policies.