Deadline for Condo Bed Bug Plans

The City of Chicago’s March 24th 2014 bed bug plan deadline has passed. The regulation requires all associations to implement a written plan on how to prevent, monitor and rid the building on the pests.

The penalty for non-compliance is unclear but there are benefits for associations to implement rules. The new city laws give associations greater leverage in forcing unit owners to deal with infestation issues. A sample plan is available from the City here.

The new duties of associations include:

  • Giving each unit owner an official Chicago bed bug fact sheet (available here)
  • Associations are required to hire and pay for professional exterminators once bed bugs once reported
  • Informing unit owners of treatment plans

The new duties of unit owners include:

  • Reporting suspected beg bug infestations
  • Cooperating with association, including letting board members into your home to confirm that there are beg bugs

Unit owners can be fined $2,000 by associations for noncompliance.

Contact today to ensure your association is adequately protected against increasing regulations and associated legal costs for alleged noncompliance.