Vague Coverage Clarified by Court Action

A Washington apartment complex owner brought suit against his insurance company for their refusal to pay attorney’s fees when the apartment owner settled an underlying lawsuit.  The insurance company agreed to the settlement, but was silent on whether attorney’s fees would be part of the money they would pay.  Because of this, they initially refused to pay attorney fees.

This week, a Washington appeals court  ruled that the silence did not give the insurance company the right to deny coverage of the attorney fees.  This sets a strong precedent for other insurance companies. explains that there are times when a condo association policy holder and an insurance company may be at odds over certain actions.  This is the time when an expert broker is needed to act as an intermediary and liaison for the policy holder.  As an independent insurance agency, we act only on our client’s interests and fight for our clients.  Contact us today to get started with a complimentary review of your current insurance program.