Illinois Homeowners Associations have Power to Ticket Drivers

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled that a homeowner’s association can enforce its rules – even if that means pulling over people speeding through their subdivision and writing them a ticket.  In Poris Vs. Lake Holiday Property Owers Association, the association hired a private officer who lacked training or certification to enforce the association rules and keep residents safe.  The officer pulled over Mr. Poris who then sued.  The judge in the case reasoned that an association is allowed to enforce its rules and that the court “generally [does] not interfere with the internal affairs of a voluntary association.” reminds all associations – whether enforcing traffic laws or not – that lawsuits against an association can occur frequently.  It is important to maintain adequate insurance to protect against lawsuits, which can be brought against your association or the members of the association’s board.  Contact us today for a review of your insurance policies.